Dublin Club Members to Join BRSS

The New River Soaring Association which has been operating out of Dublin airport for a couple of years, has been limited to auto-towing their 2-22 for lack of a towplane.  This summer we invited them to bring their glider to New Castle and fly with us. The Dublin gang not only enjoyed the experience of flying at New Castle, but expressed an interest of joining the BRSS. However, the members had equity tied up in their 2-22, and decided that they would have to dissolve their club and sell their glider to raise the cash needed for their initiation fees, before they could join our club.  A lengthy discussion at our August general meeting resulted in the following proposition for the New River Soaring Association.

Blue Ridge Soaring Society would accept New River Soaring Association's 2-22 as payment of initiation fees and future tow fees for it's members.  Each member who joined BRSS would be credited an equal portion of the agreed upon value of the 2-22. This credit could not be applied to monthly dues.

Glenn Maxwell presented the idea to NRSA, and the proposal was accepted with an agreed upon value of $4500 for their glider. The following seven NRSA members, and one 2-22, were proposed for membership in BRSS, subject to the above agreement: