The Boomerang Trophy

The Blue Ridge Soaring Society’s Boomerang Trophy is designed to promote interaction between soaring sites at the cross country soaring level.

Check out the Boomerang Wiki, for the current location of the Boomerang, along with stories and photos from the pilots.
Pilots, please update and share your claim on the wiki.

Boomerang Trophy Rules:

  1. To claim the Boomerang, you must fly a minimum of 100km (50km if L/D is less than 30:1) and land at the site where the trophy resides. Straight line or dog leg flights are permissible, and FAI rules apply
  2. The flight must originate within a 500km radius of New Castle, VA.
  3. The longest flight of the day wins. In case of a tie distance over different courses, the best speed over the course wins.
  4. Team efforts are permitted, in which case each pilots name will be engraved on the trophy.
  5. A pilot may not be involved in 2 consecutive moves of the trophy.
  6. When the trophy is claimed, the pilot is asked to notify the Blue Ridge Soaring Society of its new location.